Specification for chip fabrication drawings

Specification for chip fabrication drawings Dear customers, Hello! In order to confirm the chip processing drawings more conveniently and efficiently, please try your best to design drawings according to the following specifications, thank you! Drawing format requirements: 3D general format. Step /.IGS /.x_t 2D general format. DWG /.dxf If you use SolidWorks drawings, save as [...]

CNC Machining

Microfluidics Support Plate Milling with High Speed CNC Machine Introduction CNC technology is the international mainstream machining control technology that uses manual intervention of digital code information to control the movement of machinery (machine tools) and work processes. It is flexible, simple, and easy to adjust. Wenhao has an experienced CNC technical team equipped with [...]


Lithography technology graphics transfer process Photoetching or Lithography is an image copying technique that accurately copies a lithographic mask onto a photoresist coated on a silicon wafer using the principle of changing the characteristics of the photoresist. Then, using photoresist as a mask protection, selective processing (etching or implanting) on the mask layer on the [...]

Glass Chip Batch

Mass Production of Glass Microfluidic Chips As an emerging experimental platform, the microfluidic chip can be highly integrated and implement conventional and even more complex medical, chemical, environmental, and other experimental operations, not only simplifying and shortening experimental operations, but also avoiding many dangerous experiments. The commonly used microfluidic chip materials include PDMS, PMMA, PC, [...]

Hot Pressing Bonding

Wenhao has developed a vacuum hot press equipment based on traditional hot press technology. It utilizes the thermoplastic properties of polymer materials and presses the polymer material chips with a die under heat distortion temperature. The material is mainly suitable for hot pressing materials including PMMA, PS, PC, etc., to achieve low aspect ratio microfluidic [...]

Polymers Batch Injection

Hard polymer chip batch injection molding/bonding Injection molding, refers to the temperature, through the screw stirring completely molten plastic material, with high pressure into the mold cavity, after cooling and curing, to get the molding products method. This method is suitable for mass production of complex parts and is one of the important machining methods. [...]

PDMS Batch Injection

The PDMS chip has become the best material for industrialized chips in many fields of biochemical detection due to its air permeability, soft texture, smooth piping, and short processing cycle. Wenxi independently develops a semi-automatic and automatic PDMS chip batch injection molding process to achieve semi-automatic or full automation of the mixed glue-dispensing-defoaming-curing-cutting-punching-bonding process, which [...]
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