Our Products

Wenhao Co., Ltd manufacture microfluidic chips to components/accessories/consumables, including microdroplets and microreactors and analytical instruments for medical diagnostics, environmental testing, food safety, and other fields, finally, to complete the analysis of various types of micro-fluidic chip production lines.

WH-HPC-01 Portable plasma cleaner
WH-CPS-02 Vertical dual-channel micro continuous perfusion syringe pump
WH-BCSP-22 Bidirectional continuous syringe pump
WH-SP-04 Syringe Pump System
WH-SP-08 Syringe Pump System
WH-SSP-08 8 Indenpedent Syringe Pump System
WH-CPS-06 Continuous syringe pump
WH-HP-01 Photolithography Hot Plate
WH-PMPP-15 15 Channels Microfluidic Constant Pressure Pump