Silicon Microchannel Chip


Product profile:

Silicon microchannel chip is a semiconductor chip, which is well compatible with the traditional IC process, which is conducive to the integration of multi-functional chips, especially the silicon-based chip can be well introduced into the electrical control unit. At present, our company obtains the specific chip cross-section structure by wet etching (acid / alkali), in which the chip structure obtained by acid etching is U-shaped and the chip structure obtained by alkaline etching is V-shaped. At the same time, we provide customers with different chip customization services to meet different customer requirements.


1. The surface structure of the channel is good.

2. Easy to integrate.

3. Semiconductor silicon-based material.

Processing specifications:

1. The aspect ratio of acid / alkali etched silicon wafer is close to 2:1.

2. The surface roughness of the channel is about Ra=2um.