PDMS Batch Injection

PDMS Batch Injection

The PDMS chip has become the best material for industrialized chips in many fields of biochemical detection due to its air permeability, soft texture, smooth piping, and short processing cycle. Wenxi independently develops a semi-automatic and automatic PDMS chip batch injection molding process to achieve semi-automatic or full automation of the mixed glue-dispensing-defoaming-curing-cutting-punching-bonding process, which can meet the customer’s mass production of PDMS chips. Demand.

Semi-automatic mass production: The semi-automatic PDMS chip batch injection molding process has a production capacity of 100-400 molds/8 hours, with a daily production capacity of 2000 chips and an annual output of 720,000 chips.

Full-automatic mass production: Adopting full-automatic PDMS chip batch injection molding process, the production capacity is 400-2000 dies/8 hours, the chip processing volume can reach 10,000 pieces on a single day, and the annual output can reach 3 million pieces.

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