SU-8 Photoresist Mold

1. Su-8 silicon wafer mold introduction: Mold is often used in the process of microfluidic chip processing, especially in the process of PDMS chip processing. PDMS chip processing is usually made by soft lithography. In order to perform the process of PDMS soft lithography, a template is usually used. The most common and frequently used [...]
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Silicon Mold

Silicon Mold Mould diagram of silicon wafer Note for use of silicon wafer mould of wen hao is as follows: 1. The silicon wafer mould has been volatilized before leaving the factory. 2. The use of silicon wafer molds shall be carried out in a clean environment. 3. It is better to use the shovel [...]

Metal Mold

Electroforming metal mold: a metal mold made using electroforming technology that can act as a template for polymer or glass chips. The mold line width is controlled above 20 m and height above 5 m. The die cost is low, the life is more than hundreds of times, can meet the requirements of pilot stage. [...]
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