Silicon Mold

Silicon Mold

Silicon Mold

Mould diagram of silicon wafer

Note for use of silicon wafer mould of wen hao is as follows:

1. The silicon wafer mould has been volatilized before leaving the factory.

2. The use of silicon wafer molds shall be carried out in a clean environment.

3. It is better to use the shovel tweezers to pick up, to avoid the dirt on the edge of the mold and affect the appearance.

4. Pay attention to any operation of the silicon chip should be handled gently to prevent accidental fragmentation.

5. Confirm whether the mold surface is clean and the chip structure is intact before casting PDMS.

6. The molds shall not be cleaned with organic solvent.

7. If the surface of silicon wafer is dirty, it will affect casting; Use dust-free cloth to dip in acetone or ethanol to wipe carefully to prevent damage; Be careful not to touch the photoresist graphics.

8. When mixing PDMS, mix evenly and degassing before casting.

Ix. When pouring PDMS, try to make the bottom surface of the silicon wafer mould and the casting plate stick well, and the horizontal is the best.

10. After pouring PDMS, set it still, and put it into the oven after the bubbles disappear in PDMS to ensure the level; If there are still air bubbles after static setting, use a needle carefully to remove them to avoid scratching the passage.

11. After the PDMS is fully formed, take it out, and then conduct pdms-mould separation after cooling. Pay attention to the strength control, be careful to peel it off.

12. After using the mold, put the silicon wafer mold into the silicon wafer temporary storage box; Keep clean and dust free.

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