CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Microfluidics Support Plate Milling with High Speed CNC Machine


CNC technology is the international mainstream machining control technology that uses manual intervention of digital code information to control the movement of machinery (machine tools) and work processes. It is flexible, simple, and easy to adjust.

Wenhao has an experienced CNC technical team equipped with high-precision CNC CNC equipment and other auxiliary equipment such as wire cutting, EDM, CNC lathe, turning and milling compound center, laser cutting machine, CNC Bending machines, automated production lines, etc. With more than 10 years of production experience in CNC micromachining, it can provide excellent quality, precise design, precise manufacturing, and sincere quality, and provide customers with fast and honest quality processing services.

Equipment capabilities

Wenhao shares are equipped with different types of CNC CNC equipment, including Dior DA-600T, carved SDSK960S, Ocean Ocean CNC HK-861D, Beijing Carved 400TE-A10, Jingke JK-40. The CNC machining range is 450*400*260cm, the minimum depth and width of the channel are 10μm and 100μm, respectively, and the machining accuracy is ±10 microns. With high-precision testing equipment, the product has high dimensional accuracy and small surface roughness.

Chip processing capability

It can process high-precision polymer materials (engine plastics such as PMMA, PC, ABS, COC, TEFLON, etc.) and metal materials (aluminum, copper, nickel, stainless steel, etc.), especially for microfluidic chips/biochips. Production. Daily processing capacity can meet the needs of customers in the small test, pilot test and mass production.

Customized processing: Developed according to customer needs, able to meet the requirements of the pilot and pilot stages.

Quantitative chip: The daily processing capacity is 800 sets/day, which meets the application requirements of mass production.

Technical ability

Wenhao shares a wealth of CNC technology and experience, and manufacturing developers can tailor the processing solution to solve difficult processing problems. In addition, Wenyi is able to process 2D/3D chip features to meet different experimental needs and solve the technical bottleneck that micromachining only forms on the 2D plane.

Tooling and fixture development

For microfluidic chips with different materials and different structural features, Wenyi Co., Ltd. can customize the matching tooling and connection mechanism to meet the requirements of high pressure, negative pressure and high and low temperature in the experiment. According to the functional needs of customers, Wenyi Co., Ltd. can develop reasonable solutions for customers to select, from the program—engineering—manufacturing—product assembly, the whole process can be realized.

Six, microfluidic chip samples

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