WH-SC-01 Spin Coater

WH-SC-01 Spin Coater for semiconductor technology, plate making, and surface coating technology, scientific research, education, and other units for scientific research, teaching purposes. Its overall design by WenHao Co., Ltd. was independently developed completed with independent intellectual property rights.

Spin Coater fast start and stable speed, to ensure the consistency and uniformity of plastic thickness. Full touch screen control, third gear speed. After the start of the first low-speed spin down, then switch to high speed under the rejection of plastic, speed and the corresponding time were adjustable; start and stop controllable, real-time observation of speed and other functions. The instrument is equipped with “safety switch” button, when the high-speed operation, closes the cover, the “safety switch” starts, during operation, the cover can not be opened. Can play a protective role.

Desktop  Spin Coater Technical parameters:

Speed: 300-8500RPM

Time control: 1-32767s

Speed stability: ± 1%

Uniformity: ± 3%

Parameter settings: full-screen touch settings

Suitable for φ28 to φ200mm silicon and other materials

Voltage input: AC220V ± 10V, 50HZ

Power: 60W

Weight: 13kg

Dimensions: 300 (W) * 227 (H) * 350 (D)

Working environment: temperature 0 ℃ -40 ℃, relative humidity<80%

Standard chuck:4-inch; Alternative choice: 8mm, 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch.

WH-SC-01 Spin CoaterWH-SC-01 Spin Coater

WH-SC-01 Spin CoaterWH-SC-01 Spin Coater

① crash pad ② even plastic tray ③ touch screen ④ special suction plate ⑤ observation window ⑥ cover ⑦ exhaust hole ⑧ power jack and switch

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