3 Key parameters affecting the performance of the Spin coater

3 Key parameters affecting the performance of the Spin coater

  1. Rotation Speed

The rotation speed and control precision are directly related to the coating’s thickness and film uniformity. If the target speed and the motor’s actual speed are in considerable error, researchers cannot obtain accurate experimental data for the requirements of precision coating.

  1. Construction and cleaning of vacuum adsorption system

Vacuum pump pressure calibration to be accurate. If the vacuum adsorption force is reduced, it will lead to the base adsorption can not live and produce a “Flyer” situation, but also lead to drops of liquid into the vacuum pipeline system caused by the complete blockage. After using the spin coater, under the premise of pump opening, should use an organic solvent such as acetone, alcohol, and so on to clean the air hole.

  1. Choice of substrate base materials

For the application of the semiconductor chemical industry, the choice of material is particularly critical. Most of the film carrier is aluminum alloy or ordinary plastic material because the cost of this material is very low. However, the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy to various kinds of chemical glue is not very good, and plastic is easy to deform at high temperatures and pressure. If this deformation causes the tray position to lose balance, it will lead to a high and low bumpy state when spin coating. A good spin-coating effect can not be obtained naturally. There are two materials: natural polypropylene and polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon). The two materials have the advantages of environmental protection, resource-saving, lightweight, high strength, good impact resistance, strong and durable, natural pattern, good gloss, etc.

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