WH-SCI-01 In-situ observation cell incubator (CO2 incubator)

1. Product introduction of CO2 incubator

The WH-SCI-01 type in situ observation cell incubator is a microfluidic chip cell culture system independently developed by Wen Hao. The system is an in vitro cell culture device based on a microfluidic chip, providing users with a stable in vitro cell culture system. After culture, it supports observation under an inverted microscope. The device can provide a fluid control environment for microfluidic chips such as temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration to meet the needs of long-term cell culture. It can be used for cells based on microfluidic chips—research in related fields such as biology, tissue engineering, biomedicine, and drug development.

2. Technical parameters of CO2 incubator

Incubator temperature: room temperature +10℃~45℃

CO2 concentration in the incubator: 1~19%

Incubator humidity: above 90%RH

Ultraviolet radiation: 4.5 milliwatts

Power input: AC 220V±10V/50HZ

CO2 input gas purity is 100%, input pressure is 0.1~0.15MPa, the pipe diameter is 6mm

Power: 200 W

Weight: 8 kg

Dimensions of the incubator: 324 (W) * 234 (D) * 50 (H) mm

Overall dimensions: 325 (W) * 420 (D) * 200 (H) mm

Upper window size: 7.5*7.5cm Lower window size: 13*11cm

Working environment: temperature 15-30 ℃, relative humidity <80%

The thickness of the chip can be 3cm, a total of 8 inlet and outlet ports; the overall thickness of the movable upper is 5.5cm.

3. Diagram of the characteristics of the CO2 incubator

CO2 incubator feature diagram 1

1. Incubator; 2. Upper observation window; 3. Cooling vent; 4. Main box; 5. Touch screen

CO2 incubator feature diagram 2

6. Water injection port (open the cover and fill with water so that the sponge is full of water. Be careful not to overdo it, as excess water will overflow to the lower observation window and affect use); 7. External CO2 main air inlet; 8. Power socket; 9. 8 inlet/outlet ports; 10, incubator CO2 inlet; 11, incubator connection line inlet; 12, incubator CO2 outlet; 13, incubator connection line outlet.

Product Type: CO2 incubator, carbon dioxide incubator, cell incubator, microfluidic cell culture system

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