How to choose a CO2 incubator

How to choose a CO2 incubator

First, you need to identify the industry in which the CO2 Incubator is being used.

At present, CO2 incubators are mainly used in the following industries:

  1. hospital; 2. microbial industries; 3. pharmaceutical industries; 4. colleges and universities.

Second, you need to check the environment in which the CO2 Incubator is used.

In general, we need to consider the following environmental conditions:

  1. whether the ambient temperature can be adjusted; 2. whether the air is circulating; 3. whether the place is suitable; 4. the size of the laboratory door and so on.

Third, you need to check the three main parameters for CO2 incubators:

  1. the range of temperature control; 2. the method of temperature control; 3. the method of carbon dioxide control.
  2. The range of temperature control;

CO2 incubators are generally not required to be too hot or too low to require refrigeration, starting with experiments and samples. Therefore, we generally choose higher than room temperature for the experiment, the general experimental temperature is about 37 °C, and for some manufacturers, the temperature control range can be set: RT + 5-50 °C.

  1. The method of temperature control

When we use CO2 incubators for heating, there are generally two different requirements, and one is to be able to warm up quickly, the other one is to be able to maintain a constant temperature.

Here to introduce the two to meet the needs of the heating method. First of all, if you want to heat up quickly, it is recommended that you use airbag heating, that is, direct heating in the air. If you need insulation, it is recommended that you use a water jacket to heat the CO2 tank, that is, a water jacket as a heating medium to heat the tank. Because the specific heat capacity of water is relatively large, it will not be immediately cool, will keep warm for a period of time. Therefore, the water-jacketed heated CO2 Incubator also has the function of power-off and heat preservation.

  1. The method of carbon dioxide control.

There are three control modes of CO2 Incubator: infrared sensor control mode, thermal conductivity control mode, and gas distribution control mode. Here to introduce two: the best control mode is the infrared sensor control method because this method has less external influence, control accuracy. Second is the most extensive control mode: now the market is more use of air-conditioned carbon dioxide incubators, which is related to the long-term use of customers. If the budget is sufficient, the priority will be selected infrared sensors because cost-effective.


Forth, we have to consider the size of the CO2 Incubator.

Before choosing the size of the box, two aspects should be considered. First, the position of the laboratory should be considered. The size of the position of the laboratory will often restrict the size of the CO2 Incubator. At the same time, the size of the access channel also determines whether it can enter the laboratory, can be placed in the corresponding position of the laboratory. The second is to consider the space required for the sample, which requires us to consider the volume of the Incubator, currently available on the market from the smallest 50L to the largest 160L capacity, which can meet the needs of almost all users.


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