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Skin-interfaced microfluidic system with personalized sweating rate and sweat chloride analytics for sports science applications

Soft wearable microfluidic patch design and sensing strategies The wearable microfluidic patch technology introduced here involves multilayered stacks of thin-film polymers that contain intricate microfluidic channels created using laser and die cutting techniques. The network of microchannels and assay wells are created using roll-to-roll processing of polymeric rolls of materials, allowing for rapid (~1000 patches/min) [...]

Microfluidic enrichment of plasma cells improves treatment of multiple myeloma

Cytogenetic alterations form the basis for risk stratification for multiple myeloma (MM) and guide the selection of therapy; however, current pathology assays performed on bone marrow samples can produce false-negatives due to the unpredictable distribution and rarity of MM cells. Here, we report on a microfluidic device used to facilitate CD45 depletion to enhance the detection of cytogenetic alterations in plasma cells (PCs).