Spin coating machine working principle

Spin coating machine working principle

The spin coating apparatus of the homogenizer is widely used in MEMS micro-fabrication, biology, material, and so on. It’s used to prepare thin films with thickness less than 10 nm and is also commonly used in about 1-100 micron thick photoresist photolithography process.

Many flat substrate materials are used for coating, such as semiconductor silicon wafers, glass slides, wafers, substrates, ITO conducting glass, and so on.

Put the substrate on the chip holder, the photoresist drops on the surface of the base material, and the centrifugal force is changed by precisely adjusting the rotation speed of the motor. At the same time,  control the flow rate of the photoresist by controlling the device to achieve the thickness of the film. The film thickness also depends on the spin time, the viscosity of the photoresist, temperature and humidity of the coating, and other environmental factors. At present, Wenhao’s production of WH-SC-01 homogenizer can use full touch screen control, three-speed. After starting, the photoresist is first evenly distributed at low speed; then, it is switched to high speed for photoresist throwing. The rotation speed and the corresponding time are adjustable. Realize controllable start and stop, and the rotation speed is observable in real-time. At the same time, WH-SC-01 spin coater starts quickly and stable speed to ensure consistency and uniformity of glue thickness.

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