WH-UV-ViS Photocatalytic glasses microreactor

WH-UV-ViS series ultraviolet-visible light chemical microreactor is a new product independently developed by Wenhao Co., Ltd., which is used to realize continuous photochemical reaction process, and also can realize the screening function and small-scale production of photocatalyst in laboratory. WH-UV-VIS series UV-Vis chemical microreactor uses BF33 high borosilicate float glass. Compared with D263 high borosilicate glass, it has better thermal, mechanical and optical properties. In particular, in terms of optical performance, it has the best UV-visible transmittance except quartz, and can achieve a transmittance of more than 80% in the 290-400nm band. WH-UV-VIS series uses a unique photochemical reaction layer and cold water layer design, which prevents the light intensity from being absorbed and attenuated by the water-cooled medium and reduces the transmittance of ultraviolet light, and the entire photochemical reactor can basically achieve the surface mirror effect, making Utilization is maximized. In the case of UV-LED and high-pressure mercury lamps, WH-UV-VIS series photochemical reactors can be used to achieve continuous flow photocatalysis.

WH-UV-VIS series UV-Vis chemical reactor features:

UV-A, UV-B, VIS and other bands have high light transmittance

The effective utilization of light sources is greatly improved

Photocatalytic process is safe and stable

WH-UV-VIS series UV-Vis chemical reactor applications:

Continuous flow photochemical reactor process

High-speed screening of new photocatalysts

Preparation of special pharmaceutical intermediates

WH-UV-VIS series UV-Vis chemical reactor technical parameters:

Dimensions: customized according to requirements

Flow: 0-10mL / min, 0-50mL / min, 0-200mL / min, 0-1000mL / min

Photochemical reactor material: Schott BF33

Light source cooling mode: water cooling

Withstand temperature: -30-230 ℃

Withstand pressure: 20bar

Effective liquid holding capacity: 0.5mL, 4mL, 9mL, 50mL

Configurable light source types: VIS-LED, UVA-LED, UVB-LED, high-pressure mercury lamp

Photocatalytic glass microreactor

Photocatalytic glass microreactor

Photocatalytic glass microreactor

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