WH-IND Gs160 Continuous-Flow In-line crystallizer microreactor

WH-IND Gs160 online micro-crystallizer is a new product independently developed by Wen Hao Co., Ltd. to realize the continuous crystallization process. At the same time, it can also realize the function of the micro-tubular reactor. The uniquely designed embedded crystal generator has Many different three-dimensional curved structures such as plum petals and wheel petals, when the solute liquid and the crystallizing agent are mixed in a spiral-propelled state in the crystal tube, vortex rotation occurs at a low point to generate crystals, and reverse vortex rotation occurs at a high point. The tiny crystals are shaken out and separated, thereby suppressing the agglomeration of the crystals, making the grown crystals smaller in particle size and narrower in normal distribution.


The WH-IND Gs160 microcrystallizer is different from the traditional perturbation on-line crystallizer. The latter has a large circulation and requires a large amount of raw materials. Due to the instability of the perturbation process, dendrites with poor crystal form are more likely to be produced. Not suitable for universities and research institutes for research and batch production of pharmaceutical intermediates. WH-IND Gs160 online microcrystallizer has a small flow, requires little raw material, and the stability of the crystallization process makes the formed crystals Presents regular shaped plate crystals, and the use of 6061-T6 heat transfer jackets to maximize heat transfer efficiency can achieve minimal changes in temperature fluctuations throughout the crystallization process

 Continuous-Flow In-line crystallizer microreactor

WH-IND Gs160  Continuous-Flow In-line crystallizer microreactor features:


Stable crystallization generation and separation process


Minimal temperature fluctuation


Modular design guarantees maximum flexibility in the crystallization process


WH-IND Gs160  Continuous-Flow In-line crystallizer microreactor application areas:


Continuous online crystallization process


Preparation of crystals with high requirements on crystal form


Sub-micron size crystal preparation


Crystal molding of pharmaceutical intermediates and nanomaterials


WH-IND Gs160 Continuous-Flow In-line crystallizer microreactor Product Parameters:


Dimensions: 160 × 160 × 30


Flow: 0-50mL / min


Crystal tube and crystal generator material: SUS316L


Crystal tube chuck length: 6-7m


Crystal tube size: 1/16 ”, φ2


Crystal generator: plum blossom, wheel, honeycomb,


Operating temperature: -40 ℃ -230 ℃; Operating pressure: 0-150bar


Heat exchange jacket material: 6061-T6 (only oil and liquid)


Installation: Horizontal installation of sheet metal panel (standard configuration)


Sheet metal panel upright installation (standard)


Skid mounted (custom)

 Continuous-Flow In-line crystallizer microreactor

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