WH-CF-08 Optical Trimmer

Product description


An optical trimmer with a stereomicroscope can solve the problem of precise fixed-point observation on microfluidic chips. X,  Y-axis can move, the working distance is more than 10cm, the adjustment accuracy is up to 1μm. It is equipped with a reflector to solve the problem of the uneven distribution of light sources.



Advantages of using standard fixture

1) spring clamping chip, easy to operate and easy to use;


2) it can be used with large and small size chips and clamps and has a wide range of applications


3) Observe microfluidic chip with a stereo microscope


4) x and y axes can be moved, working distance > 10cm;


5) the adjusting precision is 1μm;


6) equipped with a reflector to solve the problem of uneven distribution of light sources


7) can be used with chips or chip clamps up to 80 x 115 mm.


Assembly process of optical trimmer

Assembly materials

Optical Trimmer

Assembly drawing

Assembly drawing of optical trimmer

  1. Assembly steps

1) attach the precision trimmer to the stereomicroscope with screws or double-sided glue.

2) fix the connecting plate on the precision trimming rack with screws, and screw the screw by hand.

3) secure the four support studs to the placing platform.

4) insert the four supporting studs into the connecting base plate, tighten the nut fixed position, and assemble the optical fine-tuning rack.

Points for attention in the use of optical trimmer

  • when fixing the optical trimmer on the stereomicroscope with screws or double-sided glue, make sure that it will not move during the whole experiment.

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