WH-BCSP-22 Bidirectional continuous syringe pump

Two-way continuous syringe pump product introduction

The bidirectional continuous syringe pump (WH-BCSP-22) is a high-precision microfluidic drive and control equipment independently developed by Wenhao Co., Ltd. It has the characteristics of precision, stability, and strong anti-interference ability. It can be widely used in microfluidic drive and control. field.

The laboratory syringe pump is a perfusion/extraction type dual-channel bidirectional push-pull syringe pump, which is widely used in biology, chemical reaction injection experiments, long-term animal drug injection experiments, electrospinning applications, microfluidics and other laboratory microinjections For experiments, the syringe is pushed through a mechanical device to achieve high-precision and smooth liquid transmission.

The bidirectional continuous syringe pump is a syringe pump that combines liquid injection, liquid aspiration, and continuous modes. It contains two independent fluid flow paths. Each set of flow paths can be connected to several external pipes to achieve continuous drive and transfer of liquid. The equipment is easy to use and simple to operate. The parameter setting, modification and view of the microfluidic drive control can be completed in the main interface of the boot. The model and inner diameter of the syringe can be directly selected from the list during the parameter input process, or manually input and then input Other parameters (flow rate, flow rate, time, infusion type, etc.) are sufficient, and the task can be paused at any time during the work process, and various parameters can be reset and executed immediately.

Technical parameters of bidirectional continuous syringe pump

Working mode: liquid injection, liquid suction, first injection and then suction, first suction and then injection, continuous mode;

Number of channels: 2;

Maximum stroke: 140mm;

Syringe specifications: 0.5uL-140 mL;

Travel resolution: 0.078um;

Injection volume per microstep: 0.428 uL (10 mL syringe);

Linear speed range: 4.68um/min-133mm/min;

Maximum linear thrust: 35kgf;

Control accuracy: ≤±0.5% (when stroke ≥ 30% of maximum stroke);

Setting method: full touch screen setting;

Display mode: 5-inch color LCD screen, display multiple parameters on the same screen;

Weight: 4-4.5kg;

Working voltage: DC24V;

Dimensions: 330×310×170 mm;

Working environment: temperature 0℃-40 ℃, relative humidity <80%.

1.2 Features

1.2.1 Determination of Syringe Model

(1) Search from the list

There is a list of standard syringes in the manufacturer’s brand. After the syringe model is selected, the program automatically loads the corresponding inner diameter value.

(2) Custom input

If there is no syringe used by the user in the syringe program list, you can directly enter the syringe model and inner diameter value, and multiple sets of user-defined syringe models and inner diameter values can be stored.

1.2.2 Target parameter input

Target parameters include: liquid volume, flow rate, and time. After selecting and inputting any two parameters, the system will automatically give another parameter.

1.2.3 Number of cycles

The set stroke in a single direction is a microfluid distribution (liquid suction or injection process). When the number of cycles is set to 1, the single run ends and the process is completed. When the number of cycles is set to 0, it is an infinite cycle, that is, after each set stroke, it changes direction and restarts operation until it stops manually.

1.2.4 Delay time

In multiple runs, a certain interval time can be set between the two runs.

1.2.5 Stroke adjustment

After selecting the syringe model, adjust the position of the syringe pump stroke adjustment block according to the stroke length of the syringe. If the stroke is too short, the syringe cannot be fully utilized (it is recommended to set 40%-80% syringe calibration stroke); if the stroke is too long, it may Cause the syringe plunger to fall out, causing liquid leakage.

1.2.6 Power-down memory

When the device is running, the power supply is interrupted. After the power is restored, you can choose whether to continue working according to the previous parameters.

1.3 Features of Graphical Interface

For the display of the syringe specification library, you can select the appropriate type according to your needs;

Setting and real-time display of operating parameters;

Operating range setting and monitoring;

Unified management and independent setting of the two channels.

Feature Diagram

(1) Syringe push block; (2) Syringe pressure block 2; (3) Syringe support block; (4) Syringe; (5) Thumb screw; (6) Syringe tail pressure plate (7) Syringe pressure block 1; (8) ) Stroke adjustment screw; (9) Stroke adjustment block; (10) Syringe baffle; (11) DC24V power socket; (12) Power switch.

WH-BCSP-22 Bidirectional continuous syringe pump

Bidirectional continuous syringe pump

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