WH-2000B Vacuum hot press bonding

1. Product introduction

The WH-2000B vacuum thermocompression bonding machine is a bonding machine independently developed by Wenchuan Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. On the basis of WH-2000A, the temperature control range has been increased, and the temperature control setting program has been upgraded. It is used for glass,silicon, quartz and other substrates in low temperature bonding. It is the first domestic special equipment for silicon-based thermocompression bonding for the low-to-medium temperature bonding of silicon wafers, wafers, sapphire, quartz and other substrates.

The WH-2000B vacuum thermocompression bonding machine is sufficient to meet the low and medium-high temperature bonding under different gases, and even the continuous low temperature under the vacuum environment; among them, the temperature during low-temperature high bonding and medium-low temperature can be flexibly set and programmed; The combined pressure is also arbitrarily set and controlled within the variable.

1.1 Product features

1) Using constant temperature control heating technology, precise temperature control;

2) Aluminum alloy working platform, flat top and bottom, fast thermal conductivity and uniform thermal conductivity;

3) Large heating area, covering sheets of commonly used sizes;

4) Air cooling, uniform cooling rate, which helps to ensure the bonding effect;

5) The pressure is precisely adjustable, and different pressure controls are substituted for different substrates;

6) A unique vacuum hot pressing system is adopted to greatly increase the bonding power while ensuring that the sheet is not damaged.

1.2 Technical parameters

1) Dimensions: 470×415×876 mm;

2) Weight: 80 kg;

3) Bonding platform: 230×200 mm;

4) Platform parallelism: 0.05 mm;

5) Chip thickness: 0~140 mm;

6) Rated voltage: AC220V / 50HZ;

7) Pressure range: 0~3.5 KN;

8) Pressure display accuracy: plus or minus 0.1 KN

9) Rated power: 1.4 KW;

10) Temperature control range: room temperature~300℃;

11) Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃(below 100℃);

12) Maximum temperature difference: 3℃;

13) Maximum heating rate: 10℃/min;

14) Support temperature programming section number: 10 sections temperature control;

15) Vacuum degree: KPa level

16) Two-way atmosphere interface: 2×DN10

Keywords: chamber bonding; low-temperature bonding; vacuum bonding; surface activation bonding; direct bonding

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