WH-TC-01 Temperature Controller for Microfluidic Chips, Slides And Other Devices

Microfluidic temperature controller is a microfluidic chip thermostatic control system independently developed by Wenhao Co., LTD. The system has the advantages of self-defined temperature/time, high precision, and stable performance. It is widely used in the heating and cooling microfluidic chips. The product set heating and cooling in one, easy to operate, is the best choice for all types of microfluidic temperature control equipment.

Microflow temperature controller through the touch screen to set the time and temperature can achieve phase temperature/time cycle control. There are two ways to see the temperature control parameters: (1) Temperature / time curve, you can intuitively view the trends of temperature; (2) Data table, you can objectively view the specific time and temperature values.

Both heating and cooling platform and gradient PCR instrument two instrument functions can be applied to the microfluidic chip, orifice, centrifuge tube. The top cover of the instrument has a replaceable hot cover structure, no matter whether the microfluidic chip is connected with a pipeline or not, the heating requirement can be met only by replacing the different hot covers, and the heat cover and the lower heating surface are always replaced To maintain a closed heating environment, improve heating efficiency.

There is the vertical adjustment of the lid, by adjusting the knob can change the distance from the upper lid to the lower heating surface, suitable for the thickness of the microfluidic chip is 1mm-10mm thick. The upper cover is fixed to the upper heating surface by two screws. When replacing the upper cover, remove the upper cover by removing the two screws. Note that there are special screws for different upper heat caps, and the screw length of the two heat caps is not the same.

The function and parameter settings of the instrument are operated through the 7-inch touch screen. There is also a status indicator next to the touch screen to prompt the user that the instrument is in a different working state.

Microfluidic temperature controller parameter:

Instrument size: L300 * W300 * H325mm

Weight: 15KG

heating cooling surface size: 130mm * 90mm

Voltage: 220VAC

temperature range: 0 ~ 100 ℃

Upper lid temperature: 110 ℃

heating and cooling rate: up to 3 ℃ / s

Control mode: touch screen control

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