SV504-M Glass Static Micromixer Platform

WH-Lab microreactor is a self-developed microchannel reactor with independent intellectual property rights. The microreactor has the advantages of large specific surface area, high mass and heat transfer efficiency, high safety and small amplification effect. WH-LAB Microreactor take into account the two factors of mass transfer and pressure drop, can achieve ultra-high efficiency of mass transfer and heat transfer, safe and stable research and development and small test chemical process.SV504-M Glass Static Micromixer Platform

Application areas:

Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Synthesis (Including Outsourcing), Fine Chemicals, Pesticide Chemistry, Specialty Chemicals, Commodity Industry, Nanomaterials, Polymer Modification, etc.

Realizable process case:

1, Michael addition reaction

2, pay – grams of alkylation reaction

3, aldol reaction (sodium ethoxide)

4, sulfonation, nitration

5, diazotization reaction, azidation reaction

6, solvent-free reaction, 30% liquid-liquid phase reaction (high probability)

Technical Parameters:

Dimensions: 50 × 80 × 4mm;

Material: Schott B270 glass

Reaction holding liquid: 0.072mL

Temperature: -25 ℃ -195 ℃

Pressure: 0-20bar

Uses: Suitable for large difference in density between two phases, the reaction rate constant is very low response

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