Standard Microfluidic Chips Vertical Section Holder

Vertical Fixture  provide a fast and reliable connection to standard-sized microfluidic chips. Our vertical clamps work with a range of standard chips. Standard chip thickness of 4.0mm, width 15.0mm, the length can be changed, the processing of different lengths of the pipeline, to complete a specific function. Customers can order standard or custom chips for use with vertical clamps to perform a range of microfluidic cell operations including microdroplet formation, multilayer drop formation, solution mixing, and more.

Standard fixture use advantage:

1) small size, light weight, portability and strong;

2) chemical stability, corrosion resistance;

3) With the use of small size chips, low cost;

4) wide range of temperature and pressure tolerance;

5) small dead volume;

6) Can cooperate with optical detection system to facilitate experimental observation.


specification Description
Into the liquid, liquid outlet Up to four, any combination
Chip thickness 4.0mm
Chip width 15.0mm
Connecting pipe size Outer diameter1.6mm
Connect tube material PTFE
Flow rate tolerance range 0-0.25m/s
Pressure tolerance range 30.0bar
Temperature tolerance range -15.0-150.0℃
other <0.3μLEach pipe

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