Standard microfluidic chip cross-section Holder

WH-CF-01 Standard microfluidic chip cross-section fixture provides a fast and reliable connection with the standard size microfluidic chip. The standard fixture produced by our company can be used with a series of standard chips by changing the screw length. The standard chip thickness is 4.0mm, width 15.0mm, length range 15.0 to 120.0mm. Customers can order standard or custom chips for use with standard fixtures to perform a range of microfluidic cell operations including microdroplet formation, multilayer drop formation, solution mixing, and more.

Standard microfluidic chip cross-section fixture use advantage:

1) small size, light weight, portability and strong;

2) chemical stability, corrosion resistance;

3) With the use of small size chips, low cost;

4) wide range of temperature and pressure tolerance;

5) small dead volume;

6) Can cooperate with optical detection system to facilitate experimental observation.


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