SS504-M continuous flow glass microreactor

Product description:

The WH-Lab micro-reactor is a self-developed micro-channel reactor developed by Wenhao. It has the advantages of large specific surface area, high efficiency of mass and heat transfer, high safety, and small amplification effect. WH-Lab microreactor takes both mass transfer and pressure drop into account, realizing ultra-efficient mass transfer and heat transfer, safe and stable development, and pilot-scale chemical process.


Pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical synthesis (including outsourcing), fine chemicals, pesticide chemistry, special chemicals, commodity industry, nanomaterials, polymer modification, etc.

Examples of realizable processes:

1. Mikell addition

2. FU-G alkylation reaction

3. Aldol reaction

4. Sulfonation, nitration

5. Diazotization and azitization

6. Solvent-free reaction, 30% liquid-liquid phase reaction (probability)

SS504-M continuous flow glass microreactor technical parameters:

Dimensions: 50 × 80 × 4mm;

Material: Shorter B270 glass

Reaction holdup: 0.125 ml

Runner size: 0.25 d * 0.5 WMM;

Length of runner: 1.28m;

Face factor (U) : 13096;

Temperature range:-25 °C-195 °C

Pressure Range: 0-20 bar

Recommended flow rate: 0.01-1 ml/min;

ΔP(bar)/The medium is water





1.6 0.3
3.2 0.5
6.4 2

Purpose: general-purpose microreactor, suitable for most reactions

Fluid process simulation diagram:

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