Single-channel Syringe Pump

WH-SP-01 single-channel syringe pump is a high-precision fluid control device independently developed by Wenhao Co., Ltd. The system is widely used in the field of microfluid control due to its characteristics of precision, stability and strong anti-interference ability . The indicators of the product has fully met and exceeded international standards. The device is easy to use, easy to operate, fluid control parameter settings, modify and view can be completed in the boot screen, parameter input process can be directly selected from the list of syringe models and diameter, can also be manually entered, and then enter the other Parameters (flow, liquid volume, infusion type) can be, at any time during work can be suspended tasks, and can reset the parameters and immediate implementation.

WH-SP-01 single-channel syringe pump technical parameters:

Dimensions: 300 × 130 × 225mm;
Weight: 2.5 ~ 3kg;
Number of channels: 1
Syringe Type: 10ul ~ 30ml;
Injection volume per micro-step: 0.107ul (10ml syringe);
Maximum line speed: 133mm / min;
Minimum line speed: 4.68µm / min;
Working mode: liquid injection, liquid absorption;
Linear thrust: 20kgf;
Setting method: full touch button set;
Display: 480 * 320 LCD display;
Control accuracy: ≤±0.5% (when stroke ≥ 30% of maximum stroke);
Working voltage: DC24V;
Working environment: temperature 5 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity less than 80%;
Key life: one million times or so.

Single-channel micro-injection pump function:

①WH-SP-01 single-channel syringe pump can trace a small amount of liquid, accurate, programmable (optional), high precision, uniform, continuous transmission.

② syringe model is not limited, you can choose from the list of standard manufacturers, can also be customized.

③ can set the target liquid volume, quantitative work, off-machine operation, when the target value to automatically stop working.

④ set the flow rate, a variety of flow units to choose from.

⑤ set the liquid injection or liquid absorption mode.

Single-channel micro-injection pump advantages:

1). Injection and aspiration of two working modes;

2). Repeatability, good stability, high accuracy;

3). Beautiful and simple interface, easy to operate.

Single-channel micro-injection pump safety precautions:

Open the package, please check the accessories in detail according to the packing list, if missing, please contact the seller. Before using this product, please read this manual carefully. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for failure due to non-compliance with the following instructions.

(1) Use and product of the power adapter.

(2) There is a risk of crushing between the push block and the end block. Do not put your finger between the push block and the end block while the pump is operating.

(3) If you push and pull excessively while using a syringe, liquid may spill out, which may cause harm to the human body or equipment. Exercise caution!

(4) equipment failure should promptly contact the vendor or manufacturer, do not open the case on their own.

(5) Please carefully plug the connection between the power adapter and the power port, do not damage the plug.

(6) If the power supply or plug is worn or otherwise damaged, unplug the power cord.

(7) This product is used in high-voltage electrostatic spinning and other high-voltage electrostatic environment, please pay attention to the power supply of this product: If high-voltage static electricity enters the product, it will damage the product. Please isolate and supply power to this product!

(8) If the power supply or plug is worn or otherwise damaged, unplug the power plug and replace it in time.

(9) The pump is not registered with the FDA and can not be used in human clinical trials.

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