WH-YC-01 Shaking Bath

1. Product introduction of constant temperature water bath shaker

The constant temperature water bath shaker (WH-YC-01) is developed for the wet etching process of glass chips in the microfluidic chip laboratory. It has two functions of oscillation and temperature control and can customize the temperature, as well as the oscillation time and speed. And direction. The surface of the shaker cavity is plated with a hydrophobic Teflon coating, which is corrosion-resistant and can extend the service life without any influence on the chip. The constant temperature water bath shaker can also be used in scientific research institutions, hospitals, biochemistry, petrochemical, sanitation and epidemic prevention, environment, materials, electronics and other scientific research and industrial fields to make various liquid and fixed compounds such as biology, biochemistry, cells, and bacteria. Culture with shaking and temperature control.

The constant temperature water bath shaker has the characteristics of high-temperature control accuracy and stable performance. The temperature and time can be customized, and the speed and direction of the equipment can be freely set. The equipment is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen for easy operation. Good universality, suitable for all kinds of utensils, such as petri dishes, culture bottles, silicon wafers, etc.

2. Technical parameters of constant temperature water bath shaker

Oscillation direction: clockwise/counterclockwise;

Speed: 10~200 RPM;

Suitable silicon wafer: ≤180mm*180mm;

Heating temperature: room temperature~70℃;

Power input: AC 220V±10V/50HZ;

Power: 200 W;

Weight: 9 kg;

Dimensions: 220(W)*335(D)*331(H)mm;

Working environment: temperature 0℃-40 ℃, relative humidity<80%.

3. Diagram of the characteristics of a constant temperature water bath shaker

WH-YC-01 Shaking Bath

WH-YC-01 Shaking Bath

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