PMMA plate for microfluidic chip

PMMA, also known as acrylic or plexiglass, or poly(methyl methacrylate), derived from acrylic, is a crucial malleable polymer developed earlier. With better transparency, chemical stability, weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, beautiful appearance, and a wide range of applications in the construction industry. Plexiglass products are usually divided into pouring plate, extrusion plate, and molded plastic. PMMA chips are chips made of acrylic material.


PMMA plate advantage


  1. The most significant advantage of PMMA is its optical properties;


It is transparent. Unlike other transparent materials, it can pass through a light that other transparent materials can not pass through;


  1. Light can also be transmitted inside it, as a fiber optic cable


4, it can withstand outdoor aging, insolation without affecting its transparency, and other transparent plastics do not have;


  1. It has unique electrical properties, and its power factor decreases with the increase of frequency


6, has good mechanical properties, resistance to dilute inorganic acids and bases and oil, grease, good printing performance.


PMMA plate type and parameter specification

Name Spec(thickness*length*width) Name Spec(thickness*length*width) Name Spec(thickness*length*width)
PMMA 1*300*300mm PMMA 0.7*300*150mm PMMA 4*420*500mm
PMMA 1.5*300*300mm PMMA 0.8*300*300mm PMMA 32*150*120mm
PMMA 2*300*300mm PMMA 30*140*120mm PMMA 0.2*300*300mm
PMMA 2.5*300*300mm PMMA 10*150*300MM PMMA—black 1.0*300*300 MM
PMMA 3*300*300mm PMMA 15*300*300 mm PMMA—black 3.0*300*300 MM
PMMA 4*300*300mm PMMA 6*650*380mm PMMA—black 2.0*300*300 MM
PMMA 5*300*300mm PMMA 20*205*130 mm PMMA—black 8.0*300*300 MM
PMMA 6*300*300mm PMMA 19.5*205*150mm PMMA—black 6.0*300*300 MM
PMMA 8*300*300mm PMMA 20*150*300 MM PMMA—black 5.0*300*300mm
PMMA 6*300*300mm PMMA 0.3*300*300 MM PMMA–big size 1*600*600mm
PMMA 10*300*300mm PMMA 5*100*100mm PMMA–big size 2*600*600mm
PMMA 8*300*300mm PMMA 2.5*130*130mm PMMA–big size 3*600*600mm
PMMA 10*120*150mm PMMA 15*290*230mm PMMA–big size 5*600*600 mm
PMMA 12*300*200mm PMMA 12*290*230mm PMMA–big size 12*600*600
PMMA 20*230*150mm PMMA 0.5*300*300mm PMMA–big size 6*600*600 mm
PMMA–big size 10*600*600mm

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