PEEK joint

Product introduction

The PEEK adaptor can be used for connecting various supporting sizes of pipe. Two-way, three-way and four-way adaptors can be selected according to actual needs. The connector of PEEK material can be glued to the injection port of silicon chip, glass, PMMA and other material chips, and it can be used with the hard pipe with the outer diameter of 1.6mm or with the fixture.

PEEK connector is the most commonly used accessory of microfluidic chip, which solves the conversion from macro fluid to micro fluid through the simplest method. The connector is simple to use, with low cost and low requirements for operators. PEEK material is highly resistant and does not contaminate fluid samples, so it is favored by researchers in the field of microfluidic chips.

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Product features

1) PEEK connector can be used on silicon chip, quartz, glass, organic polymer and other hard chips;

2) PEEK material has excellent properties, high-temperature 260℃ resistance, excellent mechanical properties, good self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, peel resistance and abrasion resistance;

3) Higher dimensional accuracy than general plastics;

4) The ingredients of raw materials comply with the regulations of EU and FDA on food and drug reactivity, especially applicable to medical treatment, pharmaceutical and food processing industries;

5) The price is high.


1. The material

Acrylic structural adhesive (AB adhesive), PEEK Connector, PEEK base, Glass chip, syringe needle, dust-free cloth, aluminum foil, engraving knife, PTFE catheter

Step 3.

(1) Prepare the above materials and wipe the PEEK base and chip that need to be glued with a dust-free cloth.


(2) Mix AB glue on aluminum foil. The ratio of A glue and B glue is 1:1. Mix A glue and B glue evenly with A syringe needle. AB glue will set quickly after mixing and needs to be ready to use


(3) Dip the syringe needle into AB glue and apply it neatly and evenly on the PEEK base; AB glue daub should be appropriate, too much glue will block the chip hole, too little glue will have a gap between the two contact surfaces, sealing is not tight.

(4) Align the hole to be bonded on the chip, place the PEEK base coated with AB glue on the hole to be bonded, rotate the PEEK base with a little force and press it. On the one hand, it can be fixed on the chip, and on the other hand, the gap between the PEEK base and the chip can be avoided. But do not press too hard on the connector, too hard will cause AB glue to plug the injection hole.


(5) Let it stand for a while on the horizontal desktop. After the AB glue is completely cured, properly modify the excess AB glue on the edges.


(6) Install PEEK connector and PTFE conduit.


PEEK connector specifications are available



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