PDMSPrepolymer Sylgard 184

Product introduction:

Dow Corning SYLGARD184 silicone rubber is a two-component kit composed of liquid components, including essential components and curing agents. The basic components and curing agent are wholly mixed at a weight ratio of 10:1, and the consistency of the medium viscosity mixture is similar to that of SAE40 oil. Regardless of the thickness, the mixed liquid will solidify into a transparent elastic liquid with toughness. It is cured in the temperature range of 20-50°C, with no exothermic phenomenon and no need for secondary curing. After the curing process is completed, you can use it in the temperature range of -55-200℃ immediately.

Dow Corning Sylgard 184 silicone rubber parameters and description:

Composition: two-component silicone rubber;

Curing: 25-150℃;

Features: transparent, dielectric stability, high stability performance;

Physical form: before curing/medium viscosity liquid, after curing/flexible elastomer.

Storage: For best results, Dow Corning silicone potting compounds should be stored below 25°C. Take special precautions to prevent the product from getting wet. The container should be kept tightly closed as much as possible to reduce the space above the liquid level in the container. Containers containing some products need to be protected by dry air or nitrogen.

Remarks: The ratio of AB glue is 10:1

In the laboratory, the primary agent SYLGUARD-184A and the hardening agent SYLGUARD-184B are usually mixed with a mass ratio of 10:1. Then the air bubbles in the mixed liquid will float to the surface and burst by vacuum, and then put the 120 degrees Bake in the oven for about an hour.

SYLGARD 184 is a polymer widely used in microfluidic chip manufacturing and prototyping. Dow Corning 184 silicone rubber has a wide range of applications in electrical and electronic packaging and potting. The following applications are environmentally friendly: equipment models, relays, power supplies, and amplifiers, transformers, coils, and ferrite cores, connectors, fiber optic waveguide coatings, circuit board packaging; Dow Corning 184 silicone rubber is suitable for purification applications, Including solar cell packaging.


1. Non-toxic, no special precautions in normal industrial operations;

2. No solvent or curing by-products, no heat is released during curing;

3. No need for special ventilation conditions, no corrosion;

4. When curing, the shrinkage is minor; after curing, it is transparent and elastic;

5. Environmental protection, low water absorption, good radiation resistance;

6. Anti-vibration and slow down mechanical vibration;

7. The transmission performance of vibration is small;

8. The components can be inspected naked and easy to repair;

9. Low air leakage under high vacuum state;

10. Excellent electrical properties; within an extensive temperature range

Technology applications: microfluidic channel, micro-lens, etc.

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