WH-HTG-01 PDMS mixed defoaming curing processing equipment

1. Product introduction

The PDMS hybrid defoaming and curing integrated machine (WH-HTG-01) was independently developed by Suzhou Wenhao Microfluidics Technology Co., Ltd. and has independent intellectual property rights. It is developed for the production of PDMS chips in laboratories in the field of microfluidic chips. It completely replaces manual operations and realizes full automation. It has the three functions of mixing, defoaming and curing of PDMS prepolymer A and B components, and can be automatically Define the mixing ratio, working temperature, vacuum, and working time. The setting of double stations improves the production efficiency of PDMS chips per unit time. It can be produced in a single piece or two pieces at the same time. The negative pressure degassing and high temperature curing can be simultaneous It can also be operated separately.

2. Technical parameters of PDMS hybrid defoaming and curing integrated machine

Overall dimensions: 1095×470×550 (length×width×height) mm;

Number of stations: double station;

Available chip size: within 7 inches;

Chip thickness: 0~20mm;

Heating temperature: room temperature ~ 90 ℃;

Pressure limit: 0-0.5MPa

Negative pressure limit: -0.1MPa;

Rated power: 1.0KW;

Rated voltage: AC220V±10V/50HZ;

Equipment weight: 140kg;

3. Diagram of characteristics of PDMS hybrid deaeration and curing integrated machine

PDMS mixed defoaming curing processing equipmentPDMS混合脱泡固化一体机特征图解反面

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