WH-OTP-01 Optical Inspection Platform

1 Introduction

The WH-OTP-01 type microfluidic optical inspection platform is an optical inspection platform independently developed by Wenhao Co., Ltd. for microfluidic chip experiments. The equipment integrates an optical microscope, CCD imaging, spectral analysis, and unique fixtures for microfluidic chips. In one, liquid leakage in the connection of the chip on the traditional microscope platform is solved, and the flexibility of the microfluidic chip experiment is increased.

2. Feature diagram

(1) Chip fixture (2) Micro camera (3) Height adjustment knob (4) Screen fixing bracket (5) Glass carrier plate (6) Microfluidic chip (7) Platform 1 (8) Platform 2 (9) Fluid delivery Device

3. Features

1) The chip fixture can be used to quickly connect and fix the chip, with a compact structure, convenient and fast;

2) The system is flexible and can be customized based on Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss microscopes;

3) Real-time imaging system to detect the connection of each chip interface;

4) Manual or automatic platform displacement control, easy to operate;

5) Reserve space for the pressure pump (syringe pump) and flow detection unit. The fixed structure reduces the influence of the change caused by each fluid component’s position, keeping the stability and repeatability of the experiment.

4. Two configurations of natural shots

Physical shooting

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