High aspect ratio photosensitive glass

The photosensitive glass is produced by the continuous melting method with advanced photosensitivity and homogeneity. The glass is a technologically light-sensitive glass. After UV exposure and heat treatment, the photosensitive glass will crystallize. The fine structure with a high aspect ratio and hole can be formed in these crystallization areas after acid corrosion. After the second exposure and heat treatment, the glass matrix can be transformed into glass-ceramics to enhance the mechanical properties of the glass. These properties have led to the widespread use of photosensitive glass in Microfluidics, radio frequency (RF) components, and microelectromechanical systems.


Standard supply sizes for bright glass wafers include wafers 6 inches in diameter or 8 inches in diameter with a 200 x 200 mm square substrate and product thickness of 0.5 mm to 1 mm. In addition, they can be customized according to customer needs of different sizes of glass.


Photosensitive glass has some excellent properties, such as


  1. A depth to width ratio greater than 10:1;


  1. Through holes of a minimum diameter of 35 microns (glass of 0.5 mm thickness) ;


3.Minimum spacing of 45 microns;


  1. Corrosion rate greater than 30:1(treatment and non-treatment) ;


5.Verticality greater than 88 degrees;


  1. The roughness of the processing area is less than 3 microns


  1. High-quality uniformity: advanced melting process ensures uniform photosensitivity and high reproducibility;


  1. Microfabrication without photoresist;


  1. Excellent light transmission (both visible and non-visible) ;


  1. Biological compatibility: Temperature Resistance, chemical stability;


  1. Environmentally friendly: compliant with EU-RoHS and EU-REACH regulations;


12. Photosensitive glass cutting and bonding basically can follow the traditional means of processing.

Processing result of the square hole of different sizes of photosensitive glass

Processing results of circular holes in different sizes of photosensitive glass

The complex structure of photosensitive glass processing

Name Spec Thickness   Name Spec Thickness
Light-sensitive glass  6 inches 0.5mm Light-sensitive glass Square 93*93mm 1.0mm
Light-sensitive glass 6 inches 0.7mm Light-sensitive glass Square 93*93mm 1.3mm
Light-sensitive glass 6 inches 1.0mm Light-sensitive glass Square 130*130mm 0.5mm
Light-sensitive glass 6 inches 1.3mm Light-sensitive glass Square 130*130mm 0.7mm
Light-sensitive glass 8inches 0.5mm Light-sensitive Square 130*130mm 1.0mm
Light-sensitive glass 8inches 0.7mm Light-sensitive Square 130*130mm 1.3mm
Light-sensitive glass 8inches 1.0mm Light-sensitive Square 150*150mm 0.5mm
Light-sensitive glass 8inches 1.3mm Light-sensitive Square 150*150mm 0.7mm
Light-sensitive glass 12inches 0.5mm Light-sensitive Square 150*150mm 1.0mm
Light-sensitive glass 12inches 0.7mm Light-sensitive Square 150*150mm 1.3mm
Light-sensitive glass 12inches 1.0mm Light-sensitive Square 175*175mm 0.5mm
Light-sensitive glass 12inches 1.3mm Light-sensitive Square 175*175mm 0.7mm
Light-sensitive glass Square 93*93mm 0.5mm Light-sensitive Square 175*175mm 1.0mm
Light-sensitive glass Square 93*93mm 0.7mm Light-sensitive Square 175*175mm 1.3mm

Above is standard size; non-standard size can be customized, thickness 0.5/0.7/1.0/1.3mm, and customized shape.

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