WH-Lab microreactor is a self-developed microchannel reactor with independent intellectual property rights. The microreactor has the advantages of large specific surface area, high mass and heat transfer efficiency, high safety and small amplification effect. WH-LAB Microreactor take into account the two factors of mass transfer and pressure drop, can achieve ultra-high efficiency of mass transfer and heat transfer, safe and stable research and development and small test chemical process.

WH microreactor Applications: Pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical synthesis (including outsourcing), fine chemicals, pesticide chemistry, special chemicals, daily necessities industry, nanomaterials, pharmaceutical preparations, polymer modification and so on.

Technical Parameters:

Size: 120 × 110 × 38mm

Connector Size: G 1/4 “or NPT 1/4”

Screw size: M4

Temperature: -40-260 ℃

Pressure: 0-3bar

Uses: Used as a heat exchange module for the LAB 504 and 684 series microreactors, this heat transfer module ensures excellent heat transfer of the microreactor due to the thermal conductivity of Al up to K = 237 w / m.k

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