Double-layer adhesion film

Lizhi double-layer adhesive film can be used for multi-layer PMMA, glass, and other plastic chip bonding. The double-sided adhesive can seal the microfluidic chip at room temperature. It has better stitching strength than hot pressing, plasma surface treatment, and chemical reagent treatment, and the sealing chip has good permeability.


Characteristics of double-layer adhesive film


  1. Good light transmittance, no background fluorescence;


  1. Biocompatibility;


  1. Strong viscosity, no leakage;


  1. Disposable.


Purpose: PMMA/glass microfluidic chip double-sided film for bonding and sealing.

Double-layer adhesive film (PMMA double-sided adhesive) specifications and

Name Type Unit
PMMA double-side tape import/34*34cm/Non-Backing Series


PMMA double-side tape import//34*68cm/Non-Backing Series


PMMA double-side tape import/34*100cm/Non-Backing Series


PMMA double-side tape import/68*100cm/Non-Backing Series


PMMA double-side tape import/34*200cm/Non-Backing Series



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