Double Emulsions

Double emulsion chip and fixture

Wenhao Co., LTD shares offer three double emulsion system, including single-chip and fixture systems, dual-chip and fixture systems, capillary systems.

Single Chip and Fixture System

Single-chip preparation of double emulsion need to be modified locally, the current local modification is difficult as a major problem in the industry, Wen Wei shares have been developed with independent intellectual property rights of hard chip local modification methods, the successful solution to a single chip preparation Double emulsion problem.

The single-chip system is suitable for the development of cross-section chip wafer Wen Wen shares, for fast connection and disassembly. Fixtures have up to 8 liquid inlets and outlets to meet the complex needs of a wide range of liquid droplet preparation.

Dual Chip and Fixture System

The dual-chip and fixture system developed independently by Wenhao Co., LTD shares two complex-hydrophobic modified chips by serial, which avoids the complex and difficult local modification process of single-chip system, the preparation of double emulsion is more controllable, and the success rate of preparation of double emulsion is> 90 %, Chip hydrophobic modified life of up to 30 days or more, the system also has the following advantages:

1.Two chip pipe structure, size can be arbitrarily selected, combined;

2.Only a single chip modification;

3.Can be expanded to more than 3 chips to prepare multiple emulsions;

4.The system is simple to operate and expands the range of applications.

Capillary chip system

Wenhao Co., LTD shares mature system with capillary chip development process, can provide different sizes of capillary system, the preparation of droplets diameter 50μm-3mm, can expand the development of multi-channel circular capillary for the preparation of multicore droplets.

Double emulsion microscopy photos: single-core, dual-core, multi-core

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