WH-XY-01 Developing Machine


The developing machine is an automatic instrument for developing photolithographic silicon wafers, which can meet the development of different specifications of silicon wafers. The developing chamber is a corrosion-resistant cavity of SUS304 material, which can automatically inject a corresponding amount of developing solution according to the specifications of the silicon wafer, and has the function of imitating artificial shaking, and can automatically remove the waste liquid.

The developing machine is a device independently developed by Wenyi Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights.

The developer is designed for microfluidic chip labs and is used in the development process in lithography processes.

The developing machine can replace the manual development in the manufacturing process of the microfluidic chip, overcomes the uncontrollable development time of the manual development, and reduces the damage of the silicon wafer/chip by the operator.

The main features as follows:

1) The shaking frequency of the developing tank can be set to ensure sufficient contact between the developing solution and the silicon wafer, and to improve the developing effect and quality;

2) The developing tray lifting position can be accurately set according to the developed carrier, thereby determining the entering amount of the developing solution, and avoiding waste of the developing solution;

3) The developer can be automatically added and discharged, and can be flexibly replaced;

4) Friendly human-machine interface design to ensure the operator’s experience and safety;

5) Good portability and easy to move in the laboratory.

Developer parameters and features:

Dimensions: 380X374X300mm;

Liquid volume control: 50~500mL


Inlet speed: 0~100%

Developing time: 0~900s

Silicon wafer specifications: ≤ 7inches;

SUS304 corrosion resistant cavity;

Weight specification: 14kg;

Touch screen: 7 inches;

Power input: AC220V±10V/50HZ

Power: 150W

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