Continuous Flow Glass Microreactor Platform

This Continuous Flow Glass Microreactor Platform is an excellent tool for Microreactor technology (MRT) or flowchemistry. The frame of the microreactor easily connects to peripheral equipment such as HPLC pumps or syringe pump.

Available in integrated multilayer glass construction for mixing, reaction & heat transfer

Micro channel with modular system to connect multiple reactors in series or parallel

Pressures up to 20 bar & tempratures from -25℃ to 195°C

Flow rates up to 10ml/min

Channel size: None

Suitable for various liquid-liquid, gas-liquid homogeneous & multi phase reactions

Microreactors from glass, quartz, silicon and glass-silicon compounds

Continuous Flow Glass Microreactor Manufacturers

Continuous Flow Glass Microreactor

Dimensions Frame: None
Material Glass
Sealing mechanism
Maximum operation temperature
Max. operating pressure 10 bar, (145 psi)
Sealing material Perlast (FFKM)
Contents Connection Kit: N/A
Length N/A
Outer Diameter (OD) N/A
Inner Diameter (ID) N/A
Number of chips per pack N/A
Distance between channel and top surface
Distance between channel and bottom surface
Channel location N/A
Total chip thickness
Chip size
Channel width N/A
Channel height N/A
Internal Volume N/A
Number of Inlets N/A
Number of outlets N/A
Inlet/outlet hole sizes on top of the chip
Inlet/outlet holes size at channel
Optical properties N/A
Supplied in Fluidic slide? N/A
Material chip N/A
Material black cartridge N/A
Filters N/A
Compatible to tubing with diameter N/A

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