Chip-Diaphragm-Chip Sandwich Holder

Chip-Diaphragm-Chip Sandwich fixture provide a simple and quick way to separate and filter two-phase liquids. The sandwich membrane-chip structure fixture produced by our company bonds the chip + filter + chip together by pressure. The chip material Including glass and PMMA. Customers can order or customize chips for use with sandwich membrane-chip construction fixtures to perform a range of microfluidic cell operations including separations of biphasic liquids such as water and organic solvents, solution filtration, electrochemical applications and auxiliary quantitative injections and many more.

The advantages of “Chip-Membrane-Chip” sandwich fixture use:

1) small size, light weight, portability and strong;

2) chemical stability, corrosion resistance;

3) With the use of small size chips, low cost;

4) can change the film at any time, fixture long life;

5) Temperature and pressure tolerance wide range.

specification Description
Into the liquid inlet 1/2
Liquid outlet 1/2
Connecting pipe size Outer diameter1.6mm
Connect tube material PTFE
Flow rate tolerance range 0-0.4m/s
Pressure tolerance range 30.0bar
Temperature tolerance range -15.0-150.0℃
Diaphragm Some

Microfluidic Chips Fixture 

Microfluidic Chips Fixture 

Microfluidic Chips Fixture 

Microfluidic Chips Fixture 

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