WH-CF-10 Chip cutting machine(A6)

1. Introduction

The conventional processing method for soft chips such as PDMS is casting. Limited by the outer shape of the silicon template and the container and the size of the target chip, usually, the chip needs to be cut after processing. To facilitate the cutting and reduce the cutting impact on the chip, currently, we provide three kinds of soft chip cutting machines (knives).

Product introduction of chip cutting machine

Fix the cutter blade on the desktop puncher, adjust the cutter blade’s height, and press the handle to realize vertical cutting of chips

Advantages of PDMS chip dicing machine

1) The verticality of cutting using this method is relatively high;
2) The machine is more stable as the handle is heavy;
3) Directly add a cutting head to modify the desktop puncher to realize the multi-function of the desktop puncher.

2. (Scale) Features of Desktop Cutting Machine

Soft chips (especially PDMS chips) are prone to uneven cutting edge and burrs on the cutting edge during the cutting process. A desktop cutting machine can solve the above problems and can cut soft chips to a predetermined size. The cutting process is operated by a mechanical structure, which saves effort and reduces the chance of uneven cutting.

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