WH-2000C vacuum hot press bonding machine

Product Description:

WH-2000C vacuum hot-pressing bonding machine was independently developed by Wenhao Share with independent intellectual property rights. Used for bonding PMMA, PC, COC and other hard plastic chips, is the first hard plastic microfluidic chip processing equipment at home and abroad.

Product Features:

(1) Using constant temperature control heating technology, temperature control is accurate;

(2) Aluminum alloy working platform, flat above and below, fast thermal conductivity, uniform thermal conductivity;

(3) With air heating function;

(4) Large heating area, covering chips of common size;

(5) Air cooling with uniform cooling rate is conducive to improving bonding effect;

(6) The pressure is precisely adjustable, and different pressure controls are selected for different materials;

(7) The unique vacuum hot pressing system is adopted to greatly improve the bond synthesis power under the condition that the chip is not damaged.

Technical parameters:External dimension: 470×415×876(length × width × height)mm;

Weight: 80kg;

Bonding platform: 230×200(length × width)mm;

The thickness of the bonded chip: 0~140mm;

Rated voltage and power: AC220V/50HZ, 2.4KW;

Pressure range: 0~3kN;

Maximum rated temperature: 200℃.

Vacuum hot press bonding machine


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