Microfluidic Chip Aligning Platform WH-AM-01


For a microfluidic chip, the upper / lower chip is usually composed of two chips, and the upper / lower chip is usually prepared separately. Therefore, in order to obtain a microfluidic chip with a usage level, upper / lower two chips must be sealed closing and sealing are the key steps for the microfluidic chip to obtain the actual use function. Only after sealing can the fluid flow in the microchannel formed by the upper / lower chip. The upper / lower chip must be aligned during the sealing process, otherwise it will cause the dislocation of the micro-structure and the micro-channel on the chip, which eventually leads to the inefficiency of the whole microfluidic chip. However, since the surface of the upper / lower chip is usually composed of micrometer-sized microstructures and microchannels, the alignment sites involve microchannels and microstructures (microchannels) at the “micron level”, are small in size and are visually and manually Adjustment is difficult to align, especially the need to accurately align the specific location, it is difficult to find the alignment of the position, but also produce XY axis offset problem, in addition, simple manual adjustment is very time-consuming.

The Alignment Platform (WH-AM-01) was independently developed by Wenhao and designed to align and seal the upper / lower two chips of a microfluidic chip.

In view of the above problems, the alignment platform (WH-AM-01) is equipped with a dual microscope lens, which reduces alignment errors due to local alignment. At the same time, X-Y-Z three-axis moving platform was introduced to further reduce the overall alignment error of the chip and control the alignment error within 10μm.

The product is suitable for the alignment and sealing of the following types of microfluidic chips: PDMS / PDMS, PDMS / glass, PDMS / PMMA, PMMA / PMMA chips for fields such as organ-on- Microfluidic chip alignment and sealing needs. Of course, it fits other areas that require precise alignment.


1. Microscope microscope; 2. # 2 microscope; 3. Microscope fixing block; 4. Microscope bracket; 5. Microscope bracket Z-axis fine-tuning knob; 6. Microscope bracket X-axis fine-tuning knob; 8. bracket; 9. floor;10. Upper stage Z axis trimming knob; 11. Lower stage X axis trimming knob; 12. Microscope illumination button; 13. Microscope taking button; 14. Microscope focusing knob; 15. Upper stage; Lower stage; 17. Backlight; 18. Lower stage R axis trimming knob; 19. Lower stage Y axis trimming knob.

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