A droplet collection device and support system

A droplet collection device and support system:

Micro-droplet collection device is a set of droplet production, collection, analysis module in one device, food science, drug delivery, particle synthesis and other research fields ideal system. Micro-droplet collection devices from Wynn Technology produce monodisperse micro-droplets with a diameter of 10-250μm. In the droplet collection device, the chip is in direct contact with the collection, and the generated droplets directly enter the collection liquid from the exit, avoiding the disturbance of liquid flow and the droplet fusion. In addition, the droplets can be cured by ultraviolet light in the collection and curing module Multifunctional polymer particles are obtained. Micro-droplet fusion is an important factor leading to the poor homogeneity of liquid droplets prepared by microfluidic technology. Wenxuan Technology has developed a droplet collection system with independent intellectual property rights.

Droplet example: Single emulsion microscope photograph

Droplet Example: Double Emulsion Microscopy Photographs: Mononuclear, binuclear, multicore

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