2 Channel Syringe Pump

WH-SP-02-type dual-channel syringe pump is a self-developed high-precision fluid control equipment developed by Wenhao Co., Ltd. The system is widely used in microfluidic control related to precision, stability, and anti-interference ability field. The indicators of this product have reached and exceeded international standards.

The device is easy to use, easy to operate, fluid control parameter settings, modify and view can be completed in the boot screen, parameter input process can be directly selected from the list of syringe models and diameter, can also be manually entered, and then enter the other Parameters (flow, liquid volume, infusion type), at any time during work can be suspended tasks, and can reset the parameters and immediate implementation.

Two-channel syringe pump technical indicators:

1.1.1 Choose syringe model

(1) Find from the list

There is a standard syringe list in the parameter settings. Select the syringe model, the program automatically transferred to the corresponding diameter value.

(2) ID input

If you do not have syringes in the list of syringe programs, you can directly enter the syringe model and ID values. The device can store multiple sets of user-defined syringe ID values.

1.1.2 liquid volume

You can set the injection target fluid volume, when the target value of the syringe pump automatically stop working.

1.1.3 Traffic

Flow rate is the flow rate of the fluid. You must set the injection flow rate. There are six commonly used flow units (ml / s, ml / min, ml / hr, ul / s, ul / hr, ul / min) to choose from.

1.1.4 power interruption

When the instrument is in operation, the power supply is interrupted and can be restarted according to the previous parameters.

1.1.5 liquid and flow unit selection

Volume units (μl, ml), flow units (μl / s, μl / ml, μl / hr, ml / s, ml / min, ml / hr)

Dual channel syringe pump parameters:

Dimensions: 300 × 130 × 225 mm;
Weight: 2.5 ~ 3kg;
Number of channels: 2
Syringe type: 10 ul ~ 30 ml;
Injection volume per micro-step: 0.107ul (10 ml syringe);
Maximum line speed: 4.68µm / min;
Minimum line speed: 65mm / min;
Control accuracy: ≤±0.5% (when stroke ≥ 30% of maximum stroke);
Working mode: liquid injection, liquid absorption, according to the need to choose;
Linear thrust: 20 kgf;
Setting method: full touch button set;
Display: 480*320mm LCD screen;
Working voltage: DC24V;
Working environment: temperature 5 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity less than 80%;
Key life: one million times or so.
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Key Function

Full digital membrane button to complete the selection and setting of parameters.

Up / down switch: Indicates the switch on the display that needs to be changed.

Fast rewind button: This means the syringe push block is pushed to the left quickly. This button is used to load the syringe and set the left and right limits.

Fast forward button: that push the syringe push block quickly to the right, this key is used for syringe loading and set the left and right limits.

Back key: to return to the previous menu interface. This button serves to restore initial progress while the syringe is running.

Confirm key: to enter the next menu, or change the unit.

Clear key: to clear the menu data, re-edit the new data.

Start / Pause Key: Indicates running and pause.

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