Notes for pipette use

Notes for pipette use

1.Pipette (pipette) should not be dried in the oven.

2. Pipette (pipette) shall not remove solutions that are too hot or too cold.

3. One pipette should be used repeatedly in the same experiment as far as possible.

4. After the pipette raises the liquid level, the liquid adhering to the external wall of the pipette is wiped off with filter paper;

5. when looking at the scale, the pipette should be parallel to the eye, to the bottom of the meniscus.

6. The pipette should be rinsed with tap water and distilled water and placed on the pipette rack immediately after use.

Kill. Pipettes and volumetric flasks are often used in combination, so their relative volumes are often calibrated before use.

8. When using a pipette, to reduce the measurement error, each time should be from the top scale (zero graduation line) as the starting point, down to the required volume of solution, rather than how much volume is required to absorb the volume.

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