Laboratory syringe/injection pump

Laboratory syringe/injection pump

The laboratory injection pump is a standard instrument used in life science research for long-time uniform microinjection. The rational use of microinjection pumps in experiments can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and accurately control the use of various reagents.

Introduction of laboratory injection pump:

  1. The laboratory injection pump is a kind of injection pump with programming mode, which provides the essential injection process elements such as constant flow, increasing flow rate, decreasing flow rate, cycling flow rate, flow rate pulse, etc. According to the researchers’ needs for element configuration, to achieve a complex injection process to meet customers’ experimental needs.
  2. The laboratory injection pump adopts the advanced step motor micro-step control technology to reduce the motor’s step angle, eliminate the fluid’s pulsation, and realize the steady injection of the fluid, thus reducing the pressure fluctuation in the uterine cavity during the injection process. With the appropriate injection speed, ensure that the pressure in the uterine cavity is within the limits of human acceptance.
  3. The laboratory injection pump can provide high precision microinjection, and the flow range from 0.139 u l/min to 52.95 mL/min can realize by assembling a 1-60 mL injector, which can meet the flow demand of the microflow experiment
  4. The laboratory injection pump has a split-type executive unit W0109. The executive unit is small (245mm x 100mm x 95mm), lightweight, easy to hold or install in the experimental bracket, simplifying the experimental device
  5. The lab injection pump has an RS485 communication interface. The injection pump can be controlled remotely by Labview and other host computer software when connected with the host computer. The experimental data can be automatically recorded for later data analysis.

The laboratory injection pump is a high-precision injection pump that supports various working modes. High-resolution color touch screen LCD, convenient and quick setting parameters, multiple indicator lights to confirm its working status. and support a variety of syringe selection to meet the requirements of the different experimental flow. High-precision control, and a protective mechanism, and an alarm mechanism. Support injection extraction and other five modes of work. Built-in RS-485 communication, support Modbus protocol, all metal (stainless steel) shell, wide power input range, and can adapt to various working occasions.

Image of two channels injection pump

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