Anion And Cation Concentration Microfluidic Chip

Anion and cation concentration microfluidic chip.

This product integrates multiple functional units of trace anion / cation detection on a small chip, such as drive, mixing, concentration, separation and detection. The characteristic of this chip laboratory is that it can concentrate trace anions / cations and analyze and detect anions / cations. The detection principle is based on one-to-one color reaction between ions and molecules.

This product is based on the PMMA chip machined by NC CNC, which is equipped with a microfluidic drive unit-electroosmotic pump, which can drive microfluidic flow at a uniform speed through a lower voltage. In addition, the ion concentration unit is integrated, and the concentration of anion and cation can reach 100-1000 times by ion exchange, which improves the detection limit and sensitivity. The detector of this chip is a non-contact conductivity detector, and the concentration information of the analyzed ions is obtained by detecting the change of the conductivity signal.