WH-HPC-01 Portable plasma cleaner

Product description

Hand-held plasma cleaning machine (WH-HPC-01) is a product with independent intellectual property rights developed by Wenhao. A high pressure high frequency energy generated by a plasma generator produces a low-temperature plasma in a glow discharge activated and controlled in a nozzle steel tube, which is sprayed to the workpiece surface by means of a Compressed air, the adhesion, compatibility, wettability and diffusivity of the workpiece surface are greatly increased. The device is compact in size, convenient to carry and move, saving space for customers to use. It can be used in microfluidic chip bonding, mobile phone shell printing, coating, dispensing and other pre-processing, mobile phone screen surface treatment; General industry screen printing, transfer printing pre-processing.

Technical parameters

Input power supply: AC 220V ± 10%/50HZ

Maximum Input Power: 550W

Highest output voltage: AC 10KV

High voltage frequency: 25 KHZ

Output power range: 400W ~ 500W adjustable

Input gas source pressure: 0.4 mpa ~ 1.0 mpa

Plasma working pressure: 30 KPA -LRB-recommended)

Plasma working pressure range: 25KPa ~ 60KPa

Plasma working pressure protection: Minimum Point 20KPa, maximum point 70KPA

Nozzle diameter: 6 mm

Width of plasma treatment: 10 mm

Continuous working time: 20 min

Main engine weight: 8 kg

Airbrush head weight: 0.5 kg

Airbrush length: 1.5 m

Gas Consumption: 120L/min (plasma working pressure 30KPa)

Host size: 465(L) * 230(W) * 300(h) mm

Working Environment: temperature 0 °C-40 °C, relative humidity < 80%

Feature diagrams


1. hand-holder. 2. screen. 3. valve. 4. warning light. 5. pressure valve. 6. power controller. 7. plasma on-off. 8. plasma gun. 9. pressure adjuster. 10. socket. 11. communication interface 12. gas inlet. 13. high voltage output. 15. ground lead

Bonding effect