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A novel microfluidic chip for rapid screening of foodborne pathogenic bacteria

Recently, the team of Professor Lin Jianhan of the School of Information and Electrical Engineering of China Agricultural University published the latest research results in the famous journal biosensor and Bioelectronics (Biosensors and Bioelectronics) in the sensor field, entitled "A biosensor for detection of Salmonella typhimurium based on finger pressing mixing and nuclear pore membrane [...]

How to obtain single-cell individuals by droplet microfluidic

A variety of mutated strains of COVID-19 are raging all over the world. in the face of the constantly mutating virus, scientists are still working day and night on the pathogenic mechanism of the virus, potential therapeutic targets and screening effective antibodies. Single cell study Cell research is one of the hotspots in the field [...]

Progress in separation and analysis of tumor extracellular vesicles assisted by novel microfluidic

Recently, Sun Jiashu, a researcher at the National Nanoscience Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhang Shaohua, a professor at the Fifth Medical Center of the Chinese people's Liberation Army General Hospital, have developed a new microfluidic pulse filtration technology and a highly sensitive thermal swimming detection platform to achieve efficient separation and [...]