WH-HP-01 Photolithography Hot Plate

The WH-HP-02 is a compact and easy-to-use photolithography hot plate. It is used in prebake, postbake, and hardbake of the photolithographic process. This product features high baking speed, uniformity, high temperature control accuracy, and highly repeatable experimental results. Baking control is designed for prebake, postbake, and hardbake for photo-etching process. Together with KW-4A spin-coater or WH-SC-01 spinner, the WH-HP-02 hot plate is a perfect tool to fabricate metal oxide thin films, polymer coatings and metal organic thin films on silicon wafers or other substrates.

Comparing with conventional oven, using hotplate to cure the films will result in reduced baking time, increased reproducibility, and more uniform and better film quality. It is because the WH-HP-01 has a uniform temperature profile across the substrate and provides even heating to the films and coatings. The skin effect will be avoided since the films/coatings are heated from bottom up.

WH-HP-01 Hotplate for temperature control is developed independently by Wenaho Co., Ltd. and has independent intellectual property rights. It can be used in pre-bake, mid-bake and after-bake in lithography process. The device uses PID temperature control system automatic temperature control and temperature, and has a two-stage automatic heating, baking speed fast, uniform, high temperature control accuracy, long-term stability and work.

Hotplate for temperature control machine technical parameters

1.Baking temperature: room temperature -300 ℃

2.temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃

3. Temperature uniformity: <± 3%

4. drying board specifications: φ200

5. parameter settings: touch screen settings parameters

6. temperature control form: PID temperature control system

7. power input: AC220V ± 10V, 50HZ

8. power: 650W

9.Weight: 16kg

10. Dimensions: 365 * 280 * 156mm

Hotplate for temperature controlHotplate for temperature control

Hotplate for temperature controlHotplate for temperature control

① observation window ② cover ③ bake board ④ touch screen ⑤ fan ⑥ power jack ⑦ vents


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